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PREIS SEA SALT is the fruit of years of salt water research.

PREIS SEA SALT has a high calcium content which can be assim­il­ated by sea water creatures and which visibly enhances growth and devel­op­ment of inver­teb­rates and corals. More than 70 trace elements and water-soluble vitamins are found in it. Water treated with PREIS SEA SALT is to be dis­tin­guished from natural sea water only by its capacity to respond to the specific needs of a salt­water tank. Contrary to the natural sea envir­on­ment, our aquar­i­ums count a lot of species in a rel­at­ively small quantity of water. The amount of trace elements and minerals absorbed however, are the same as in the sea which at least, keeps regen­er­at­ing.

As a result, there is a decrease in essen­tial sub­stances and an increase in super­flu­ous para­met­ers. The trace elements and the minerals added thanks to PREIS SEA SALT help you checking this process.

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